Access Control


Access Control Security Systems

How can people have freedom to come and go without compromising the security of an area? Access control security systems answers this question by letting you determine who can enter and exit an area, and what level of access they will have once inside.

Controlled access systems like keypad, card or fingerprint readers bring many advantages over traditional locks and keys. These newer systems allow a manager to lock and unlock doors automatically, for example, and to track and document which individuals went where, and when. That information is highly valuable if the need arises to review and investigate a specific security incident.

Access Control Consulting & Installation

No Fear Security is a leading  security company specializing in the design and installation of access control systems according to the customer’s security needs.

We offer a full range of access control systems ranging in application from the large enterprise environment to the small scale solutions.

Our service includes design,engineering, installation, commissioning, education, and support.

For small, medium to large sized businesses, intelligent standalone/network access control systems can be applied in various ways to fit your security needs.

No Fear Security advanced access control solution provides end to end security in protecting your valuable assets, information and safety in any environment.

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